At OTB Delight Café, we believe that we all share a common connection. That, deep down we all want to feel really good about the food that we eat. That, all of us want food that is bursting with flavor and that ignites our senses. And, that freshness and quality should never be compromised. In essence, we all want food that nourishes, we want food that delights and most importantly, we want food that inspires! Our mission from day one has been to use Only The Best ingredients possible; Farm fresh and locally sourced produce, humanely raised meats without nitrates, antibiotics or hormones, non-processed or minimally processed foods whenever and wherever possible. Our hand crafted, made to order fare is served in an insanely clean restaurant by fun and friendly people. We are committed to never allow our hospitality to only be limited to the activities within our four walls. We sincerely understand the importance of extending our partnership and our unwavering commitment into the community. We believe that an investment in our local community is truly an investment in us all. We will actively support, be engaged and work steadfast to enrich our surrounding communities. We will never compromise in our beliefs and dedication to operate responsibly and to positively impact the lives of individuals. At OTB Delight Café, we know you deserve Only The Best and we will continuously strive to help you eat better, feel healthier and re-connect with our common bond…eating food that inspires!

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Monday – Sunday 8:00am – 4:00pm
(813) 906-2229
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